It all started with a boy who grew up forging blades, casting metals and embedding precious stones. Also because of a persistent desire to create unique and completely handmade objects. These creations have developed from the artist’s love for visual arts and his bond with his homeland and they are inspired by Sardinian nuragic and pre-nuragic archeology.

The first prototypes of these designs were a result of the artist’s refined manual skills, his history, his continual experimentations and even the use of unusual materials and uncommon techniques.

The artist’s curiosity and his taste for forbidden things, which come from the consideration and the respect that his grandfather had for his own personal knife, have inspired him, almost magically, to study the art of goldsmiths and knife-making. He started his training working with silversmiths, chisellers and other experts in silver and gold manufacturing, thereby learning all the job’s secrets as well as understanding how to turn an idea into something concrete, tactile, unique, precious and beautiful.

He first experimented with noble metals with some masters of filigree, and the secrets of the profession were revealed to him step by step, thanks to a relationship based on mutual trust and on the combination of work and passion. He crafted his first knife due to a bet with some friends. From that moment on, every piece became a new challenge, a new creature to give life to. To the point that he started to transform everyday objects into works of art, experimenting and creating new techniques and new designs, like for example the Iglesiente style blade.

As he became more famous, so did his artefacts. Fabrizio was unknowingly experiencing what often happens to artists. It was time for him to invest in his own creativity, in his passions and in his own strength. His art emerges from a personal story, which he conveys into his artefacts and exhibits (see for yourself by visiting the Showroom).

Shaping, chiselling, moulding and melting. These actions became part of the artist’s everyday life. His lines of jewellery are a result of originality and movement, they are the product of a combination of goldsmith techniques (for example the original use of siping and filigree) and traditional knife-making techniques.

The combination of the artist’s personal journey and professional development have combined gold-making and knife-making, leading to a new understanding of everyday objects. This is how a knife becomes a jewel, a unique object to collect, of rare beauty and value.

Today, each of Fabrizio Loi’s creations is designed to embrace harmonious lines, as well as a functional and long-lasting model thanks to the choice of the best materials. The artist’s technique is a result of patient gestures as well as a combination of gold-smith and knife-making techniques. The fact that the products are handmade, guarantees their duration as well as their uniqueness.